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Dads say the funniest things…

While I was on my Mommy Vacation my friends were all in stitches over Big Daddy’s postings and pictures while he was holding down the fort.  If you’ve never had a Mommy vacation I highly recommend it.  It is a great way to recharge your batteries and to make sure your hubby truly understands what you go through!

Here are a few of the postings and pictures that kept me entertained while I was away!
People who like pacifiers shouldn’t throw them out of their crib!

I’m not cleaning the house by myself.  No way.  No how.

Wifey is Away. Dad and 5 kids: Fed, bathed, clothed and on the move b4 10. How do mom’s do this every day? Makes me appreciate wifey a bunch!
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  1. that is so sweet! i think mommy vacations, even if they are only for a full day, do wonders for the confidence of both mommy and daddy.

  2. so super cute!! i just stumbled on your blog, and am enjoying reading your thoughts!

  3. Ha! I bet he was SOOOOO happy when you got back!

  4. Sweet! :) Everyone wins.

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