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Everyone has their fantasy

Hard as it may be for the average person to believe, my fantasy is to drive a “church bus” filled with children. Not an actual bus owned and operated by a church—but what people often refer to as a church bus, the large passenger van.

Big Daddy is my dream man because he makes my dreams come true. So we traded in the Swagger Wagon and now I’m cruising in a, admittedly, macked out van that I’ve told the children is “the school bus.”

…Because homeschooling my (hopefully many) children and traveling around with them in our own “school bus” is my biggest fantasy.

I’m living my dream, even if it only gets 17 miles per gallon!

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  1. You are so funny and quirky! I love the bus and 17 mpg is not bad for such a big vehicle. My friend has a 15 passenger van and we love going on trips with her and her 9 children. :) And when a few of them are missing, it's fun to bring along another family– and sure beat caravaning!

    So, are you going to name your new vehicle? Y'know, like how people name their boats.

  2. You. Crack me up!

  3. I love it! For now, we all still have a seat in the minivan, but it's a squeeze! But five's our limit – we can't fit another kid in there!

  4. You and my husband share the SAME dream!! He wants a big church van with our family name painted on the side. Too funny. Enjoy your new ride!

  5. So gimme the deets. How many does it sit? What extra features? Etc..

  6. uww, may I see the inside? Can you PLEASE tell me the name of your vehicle and where your purchased it? How much it costs? We need a new vehicle too. Yours is lovely!

  7. You are too funny. I have been fighting having to get one. I am expecting our 7th child in December and we already out grew both our vehicles in September when I had #6. Our oldest can drive so I have been fighting it.
    Everyone that I knows that has a van like yours LOVES it. I should probably just give in : )-

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