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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This year I would like to offer my list of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for every budget and type of mother, because lets face it, not everyone has June Cleaver for a mother or a big budget.

If Mommy doesn’t have one, and it is even remotely in your budget (is a college education REALLY necessary?) you need to get Mommy an iPhone. Seriously. It is now a Mommy necessity and should be handed out with the free formula when you bring your baby home from the hospital. Just look at everything Mommy will be able to do with this phone? If you are a teenager, you have alll the more reason to get your Mother one! Maybe she’ll be so distracted with her cell phone she won’t realize how long you’ve been on the phone. Or maybe she won’t notice how much makeup you’ve started wearing lately? It’s worth a try, don’t you think?

If you have a fashionista (or fashionista wanna be) for a mother, Atierney has the cutest Flower necklace that would look great with even a t-shirt! It looks handmade and in my opinion that means extra points. It’s $38. Surely your Mama is worth $38, right?

Interior Designer, Jonathan Adler, has a few great things for the preppy & fashionable mom, like this Rustic Tee with Acapulco print scarf ($135) which will be available from on May 12th!

Jonathan Adler is so great he even has something for the pill popping mother who cannot quite handle having kids.

If you have a pill popping mother I feel like you should probably still give her a gift, because that is the polite thing to do. I’m not condoning pill popping. But maybe you could fill it with vitamins and then give her a gift certificate to rehab? All kidding aside, I have no idea why Jonathan Adler designed a pill case key chain, but something tells me he has sold a few of these. At $19.50 it won’t break the bank and you’ll have money left over to get Mommy Dearest into rehab.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. LOL @ that last one! I love that pink flower necklace, though.

    I bought canvases at Michaels and the boys made footprint butterflies on them for their grandmothers.

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