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Just do it!

Douglas Brown has written a new book aptly titled, “Just Do It.”
Why his wife’s name isn’t on the book as well is beyond me. After all, according to an interview on MSNBC, it was his wife Annie who originally came up with the brilliant idea of having sex for 101 days in a row. Maybe I’m missing something, but after a feat like that I’d want my name on the book, a movie deal, and some major bling. And by movie deal I mean one where some Hollywood Star plays me, and not some home movie that is all over the internet.

Annie and Doug Brown have apparently been married for 11 years and have two children, ages 7 and 3. As the story goes, Doug attended a conference on”Sex and Pop Culture” for his newspaper job and came back with some startling news, at least startlingly to Annie. According to the National Opinion Research Center, the typical American has sex 66 times per year. Then Doug learned about something called the “100 day club.” It’s a club for men who went 100 days without sex. This is when Annie decided that they would “reverse that” theory and have sex for 101 days.

I think Miss Annie is a wee bit competitive, not to mention crazy—what do you think?

The experiment began in 2006 and was, in a nutshell, EXHAUSTING.
Apparently Doug travels and Annie somehow was able to travel with him everywhere he went to keep the counter going. After reaching this goal, that so many men would arguably be envious of, what do they do? They take a month off!

Of course that is not what is at the heart of the book. At the heart of the book is how their increased Olympic physical activity led to a deep emotional intimacy that they both agree did not exist in their marriage before. It also led to more physical touch that did not involve initiating sex.

The synical side of me wants to point out that Annie only has 2 kids, her kids are 7 and 3, and she obviously has some kind of reliable childcare if she can traipse all over the USA with Doug to keep up this record; whereas I have FOUR children, two of whom are in diapers and 1 of whom has suddenly decided she needs to eat or wake up mommy every 2 hours.

I want to just do it. Okay, I want to want to “just do it.” But I am tired. ..
Big Daddy will just have to settle for 2 days in a row.
Hey, I hear my sex drive will spike in my 40′s!

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  1. You are a scream! . . . “two days in a row!”

    I have 5 kids and I would have reviewed the book just as you did . . . word for word! Hilarious!

  2. crackin’ me up! i want to want to do it too. and i have four. and although one is now nearer to the age of 2 than he is to the age of one he still wants to nurse all night. but i’m interested.. maybe you and i could try to encourage each other to take on this challenge in our own marriages. maybe it won’t end up like that seinfeld episode (did i just put that on the internet?! my husband’s gonna be so embarrassed. that or want to kiss me.) maybe i should just challenge myself to read the book first.

  3. That Lady is making us all look bad! Poor Husbys.

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