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My Top 10 List of why my children need to appreciate me

Reason # 10

Telogen Effluvium:
1. Refers to excessive loss of hair following a traumatic physical event such as child birth.

2. The event results in a disruption of the normal hair cycle and subsequent shedding of the hair.

3. usually occurs one to five months postpartum and ceases within 15 months as follicles gradually revert to the Anagen growth phase.

4. Can be known to severely clog drains within minutes, requiring one burly cranky plumber with stereotypical case of ” plumbers crack” to come out to unclog drain and unburden your wallet of $150

5. Will leave an embarrassing glob of hair trail throughout your home, and all over your precious baby—not to mention inside said baby’s diaper. (inside????)

6. All subsequent new hair growth will be a clean crisp WHITE.

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